Pentagon: Quantum computing is a game-changer for space warfare

Following the recent announcement by President Trump of a new “space force” program, the Pentagon is reportedly getting in on the action with its own announcement about plans to step up its military and civilian quantum computing game.

Michael Griffin, a top Pentagon official, recently met with Air Force scientists at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio to discuss how quantum computing has to be one of the Pentagon’s top priorities. The consensus seems to be that more money needs to be invested into quantum computing research and development in order to stay ahead of China.

The Pentagon says that the Air Force in particular is focused on developing improved strategies for the use of quantum information science, not only for military applications, but also at the civilian level.

“We see this as a very disrupting technology,” stated Michael Hayduk, chief of the computing and communications division at the Air Force Research Laboratory.

U.S. military wants to combine quantum computing with artificial intelligence to develop advanced military weapons

The talk further focused on how the military wants to develop advanced “artificial-intelligence algorithms” and “highly secured encryption for communications satellites and accurate navigation that does not require GPS signals,” all of which could be used as weapons of war.

It’s quite the ominous proposition. AI technologies are a disturbing concept all on their own. But when combined with the “unprecedented processing power” of quantum computing, the sky’s the limit.

“The Air Force is taking this very seriously, and we’ve invested for quite a while,” Hayduk added in his statement. “It’s a key area we’re very much interested in.”

AI, quantum computing and 5G: the unholy trifecta of the New World Order

Though much of this police state apparatus is still many years off from actually materializing, all of this talk about futuristic, human-less military technologies that are more powerful than anything the world has ever seen bodes ominous for the future of freedom and liberty.

On the one hand, such technologies might be used for good to defend against enemies, both foreign and domestic. On the other hand, they could be used to implement an impenetrable control grid to herd the human “cattle” without resistance or obstruction.

This appears to be communist China’s goal, anyway. The Far East country, which already treats its citizens as slave drones, has reportedly already developed quantum-equipped satellites that it claims “cannot be hacked.”

These satellites stand to give the Chinese government limitless power to communicate under the cover of darkness, while ordinary citizens are at the mercy of its unrestrained power. And now the United States wants to implement the very same thing.

“We have key pieces in places,” Hayduk says. “But we’re looking at more than imitating what China is doing in ground-satellite communications. We’re looking at the whole ecosystem: ground, air, space, and form a true network around that.”

Keep in mind that both Verizon and AT&T are already rolling out the 5G technology that advanced AI systems require in order to function.

This unholy trifecta of highly radioactive 5G, AI technology, and quantum computing appear to be the final pieces in the New World Order puzzle, furnishing globalist powers with the tools and weapons they need to basically control the globe.

Keep in mind that globalist and former Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt, who also chairs the Defense Innovation Board, is pushing hard for the Pentagon to usher in quantum computing and AI technologies.

Schmidt has publicly admitted that this is the “beginning of a very, very large program that will affect everyone.”

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