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Trump could revitalize NASA’s space exploration without wasting money

People don’t spend a lot of time thinking about the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) these days, it seems. Since aerospace travel isn’t seen as the technological miracle that it once was, people often pass off NASA as a thing of the past. Donald Trump is not one of those people, apparently. And that could be a good thing for the entire country.

In a speech regarding job growth, President-elect Trump expressed his desire to improve NASA, stating, “A cornerstone of my policy is we will substantially expand public private partnerships to maximize the amount of investment and funding that is available for space exploration and development. This means launching and operating major space assets, right here, that employ thousands and spur innovation and fuel economic growth.”

One of Trump’s main campaign promises was bringing jobs back to the United States, and that appears to be his intention with making NASA great again, if you will. Trump went on to state, “I will free NASA from the restriction of serving primarily as a logistics agency for low earth orbit activity.” As the president-elect has noticed time and time again while working as a businessman in America, there are far too many regulations on everything in this country. The more the federal government gets its hands on something, the more likely that thing is to crumble under the restrictions.

Historically, the American people have been fascinated by the concept of space travel, and there is no time like the present to explore the future of such. Knowledge is power, and our knowledge of space and the solar system needs to expand if we want to truly understand the world around us.

Most important, though, is the fact that by once again testing the borders of space travel, the United States will be creating countless jobs that will put many American people back to work and stimulate our economy – which it is in desperate need of at the moment. This truly is a win-win for the entire country, and it’s something that everyone, regardless of which party they belong to, should be getting behind.

Only time will tell if Trump is actually able to put this into action, but as of right now, hopes are high for the unconventional president-elect. Almost everything he is attempting to do is a good thing, and it should be only a matter of time before America is on track to actually become great again.


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